Healthy burguer


Hello , after long period time start orgize myself again . Today i bring to blog healthy , pratical and fast for lunch. I hope you like it , we love it , is a stay menu in my family . I use fresh ingredients and the ones we like from avocado to purple onion, lime juice , iceberg salad , wholemeal buns .



Wholemeal buns


Purple onions

Iceberg salad

2 limes

5 tsp maio. ligth

white cabage


4 chicke breast

2 tsp paprika

salt and pepper as you like

Lets start to wash all veg. and marinate 4 chicken breats with salt, paprika and peppes and slice all in stripes.Get bowl and miz white cabbage with carrots washed and slced and make nice cowslow keep aside.

Get pan and put on heat soon is very warm put all chicken in strips for cooking, for about 25 / 35 minutos dont forget to move sometimes or could burn, when finish leave to cool down.

This is fun part and can do in table with kids and gather all family together , with all veg different bowl washed and sliced now build up your buguer.

Open all buns and start iceberg lettuce , cowslow, onion , chicken, avocado loads as we love it, iceberg lettuce agin and cowlow and close with top bun and its ready .

You can add anything you like or any sauce etc its fun and delicious.

I hope you like it, do not forget caring and sharing !!!

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