Caramel Yoghurt


Hi , its wednesday , its April and its cold and rain come back. Today i bring blog another recipe caramel yoghurt , its very tasty and delicious you kids gonna love it no need add sugar is sweet enough . I like to produce my own youghurts because no artificial stuff on , as natural as possible and im findind best way healthy life style. i found most of my delicous recipes in blog i follow for more than year its call Words that fill your tummy and is in my mother language but you can use google translator and translate in your own language and find delicious words,yes ,because every recipe beind is lovely story about her.

For the caramel sauce:
200g white sugar
90g unsalted butter, cut into pieces
120ml milk
A bit of salt

For yogurts:
One liter of fresh milk semi-skimmed
Three tablespoons sour soup nonfat dry
Three white tablespoons sugar (I used stevia)
A plain yogurt (I used Greek)

For the caramel, put the sugar in a saucepan and cook over low heat, stirring constantly with a silicone spatula until the sugar melts.
Add the butter and wrap until butter becomes melted.
Add slowly the milk and let the mixture boil for a minute.
Remove from heat and add a pinch of salt.
Place in container and cool.
For yogurts, put in a saucepan the milk, milk powder and sugar and stir with a wisk.
Bring to medium heat until boiling and cool.
When warm add the yogurt, mixing with wisk.
Place the caramel sauce in little cups and cover with milk.
Take the yoghurt maker for about ten hours. (Mine were 8 hours)
Transfer to refrigerator for at least four hours.

A very big kisses to Joan of a reader and fa =)

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Bulgur/Quinoa mix Soup


Hello everyone, I entered another challenge in the group on facebook Cantinho dasCozinheiras and the Blog out on challenge  was the Paula Susana called As Receitas da Selene.
I had done two recipes from the blog
one the chicken burgers she has on the blog, have been tested and approved, delicious and good,healthy but as I walked to test bulgur andi had a bag of organic mixed quinoa I bought  so i decided to use the base of the soup she has her blog results, and also healthy and tasty.She use a machine, I made traditional method even in the stove and it worked fine.

1 onion
2 cloves garlic
1 carrot
200g pumpkin
200gr of white cabbage
900ml water
2colheres oil
1 tsp salt
4 tablespoons bulgur organic
2 tablespoons mix quinoa (red, black, normal)
200g white cabbage
50g red beans (used already cooked)

Wash all vegetables and then take in a saucepan, bring the water,
onion cut in 4, the garlic cloves,200g cabbage and pumpkin cut into pieces ,carrots cut into slices.
Pour olive oil and salt, for the pan on the stove and cook for 35 minutes.
When time is up, remove carrot and use had blender and grind everything in this pot.
Take the other 200g of cabbage and cut very thin like for salad and add into the pan, beans, carrots and finally bulgur and quinoa simmer for another 10 minutes.
Then turn off, put lid on the pan and leave for an hour.
After this ready to eat.


I hope you like it, do not forget caring and sharing !!!

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Crusty Farmhouse Rolls


Hello , another Sunday another recipe for blog .Today i bring recipe your kids gonna love help you to make this delicious crusty farmhouse rolls , they are very tasty and one thing for sure they gonna desapear from you kitchen . They are very easy to do i just add linseeds but you can add olives chopped , chourico chopped or any type of nuts.

Ingridients :

350g strong white bread flour, plus extra for dusting
50g stoneground wholemeal flour
1/2 tsp easy blend dried yeast
1 tsp caster sugar (super fine)
1 tsp fine sea salt
1 tsp olive oil

Mix together the flour, yeast , sugar and salt.
Stir olive oil into 280l warm water and stir it into the dry ingredients.
Knead the mixture on a lightly oiled surface for 10 minutes or until dough is smooth and elastic.
Leave dough to res in a ligthly oiled bowl ,
covered with oiled cling film, for 1-2 hours.
( i used towel,my towel for bread always the same and say my prayer ,
always to bread).
Punch the doug with your fist to knock out out the air then split in 12 pieces ( i did balls ) and then knead it for more 2 minutes.
Transfer 12 balls into a greased baking tray and cover with oiled cling film.
Leave to prove for 1 hour or until is double size.
Pre-heat oven to 220C (200C Fan)/430F/gas7.
Make a X with scissors top of balls and dust the balls with flour.
Bake for 15-20 minutes or until the bunnies sounds hollow when you tap it underneath.
Transfer the bread to a wire rackand leave to cool completely before slicing.
Try to enjoy homemade butter or fresh prescuitto italian or fresh cheese .


I hope you like it, do not forget caring and sharing !!!

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Fried Chicken with Beer

Fried Chicken with Beer

Hello , today i bring to blog another Fried Chicken with Beer. I already have done various types of chicken with beer or white wine but this recipe happened really good. I beleive who is homemaker and have to cook every day and complicated, not for me, but I think for those people who do not like to cook and have children, work and busy life it is very difficult to change. I hope you enjoy!

1 large chicken
4 garlic cloves
2 bay leaves

salt at your taste
pepper at your taste
33o ml white beer
10 ml oil
10 ml of olive oil
1 spoon (tea) paprika
2 teaspoon sesame seeds
30g. Black olives
1 lemon
2 chillies fresh

Cut the chicken into pieces.
Season the chicken with the chopped garlic, salt, pepper, bay leaves, chili and beer.
Let seasoning and marinate for 30 minutes.
Drain the chicken well.
In a large pan add the oil and olive oil.
Let heat well.
Fry the chicken and let winning color.
Add the beer and the chicken with the marinade and cook 35 minutes.
Before serving pour sesame seeds and the black olives.
Decorated with lemon and before you serve squeeze the lemon.

I hope you like it, do not forget caring and sharing !!!

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yogurt Banana (homemade)


Hello, today i bring to blog recipe easy to do and kids gonna love it ….Saving some money too. I love from my childhood Banana and i love cakes, breads anything include flavor of banana , candy too lol =) I hope you like dont forget for this recipe you need Yogurt maker and for 7 Yogurts take 10hours , nothing like homemade you know what you are eating.


One liter of semi-skimmed milk
Three tsp of powdered milk soup
Three tsp of sugar (stevia)
A natural yoghurt
Two bananas
Two tsp of water
A tsp of brown sugar

In a saucepan put milk, milk powder and sugar and stir.
Bring to medium heat until boiling and cool.
When warm add the yogurt and mix.
Cut the bananas into slices and bring to heat with water and brown sugar.
Grinding, leaving larger pieces.
Distribute the banana in glass cups and cover with milk.
Take glass cups into the yoghurt maker for about ten hours.

Transfer to refrigerator for at least four hours. (ready to eat)

I hope you like it, do not forget caring and sharing !!!

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Leg of Lamb Roast


Hello, i know is bit late but i bring my Easter Dinner Recipe . As a tradiction portuguese we eat Lamb for Easter and is many recipes for this type of meat . Lamb is very health meat,rich in high-quality protein and many vitamins and minerals, lamb can be an excellent component of a healthy diet. Lamb is mainly composed of protein, but also contains varying amounts of fat. So i did this recipe over and over and is delicious, i hope you like it!!! So I made this recipe is delicious, I hope you enjoy !!! Source of this recipe and Saborintenso already use a long time.

1 leg of lamb with about 1800g
1500g potatoes to bake
2 tablespoons lard
2 tablespoons chili soup noodles
6 cloves garlic, minced
1 onion, finely chopped
125 ml olive oil
2 bay leaves
500 ml of white wine
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp chili
1tsp paprika


In a bowl, add the red pepper, lard, half the garlic, pepper and salt. Little, because the ground pepper is already salty.
Mix it with a fork.

Place the leg of lamb in a baking tray.
Barre entire leg with the dough mixture of chili.
Leave to marinate for 30 minutes.

In a bowl, season the potatoes with salt, pepper and paprika.
Add the remaining garlic, onion and olive oil.
Stir and leave to marinate for 30 minutes.

Spent 30 minutes, put on the board, bay leaves and potatoes around the meat.
Add the white wine with marinated potatoes, stir and pour the potatoes and meat.

Bake at 160 ° for 1 hour and a half.
Half the time, turn the lamb leg and if necessary, add a little water to the sauce does not dry out.
After the roast is ready to serve.

I hope you like it, do not forget caring and sharing !!!

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