Galette des Rois


Hello everyone, today I bring a recipe that I have seen for all the blogs and how I like to risk going to the kitchen. I loved it, the texture of the interior is delicious but very caloric. Take risk and make it worth  =) Hope you like it!


2 puff pastry bases
4 eggs
200g of sugar
150g butter at room temperature
200g ground almond
1 beaten egg to brush
Powdered sugar for sprinkling

In a bowl, put the chopped butter into pieces and the sugar.
Beat until cream is left.
While beating, add alternately beaten eggs and ground almond.
Beat until all is well mixed.
Put the cream inside a bag.
On a large baking tray, extend one of the  bases without removing the paper.
Above the base, spread the cream circularly and starting at the center.
Leave 4 cm of cream-free space at the ends to close the dough.
Brush the dough with water in the free space.
Cover everything with the second base of puff pastry without the paper.
Tighten the ends so that the two bases stick together.
With the non-cutting side of a knife or a fork, mark the end of the dough around tightly.
With a knife drill a hole in the center of the dough to let the air out as you cook.
Brush very well with the beaten egg, especially the ends.
It is very important that the dough is tightly closed so that the filling does not come out while you bake.
Decorate the pasta to your taste, marking with the knife without cutting.
Preheat oven to 190ºC and cook for 25 minutes.
After 25 minutes, sprinkle the dough with the powdered sugar.
Return to the oven about 10 minutes until the sugar melts.
Once cooked and golden, remove.
And she’s ready to serve.


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Passion Fruit Cheesecake


Hello today I bring you a recipe for a delicious cheesecake to participate in another challenge in the
Day One … In the Kitchen! The theme it was cheesecake =)There is a thousand and one flavor and also cooked famous American baked cheesecake. I made this simple but very tasty.
I hope you enjoy!

500 ml cream
360g. Of cream cheese (I used filadelfia lean)
130g. of sugar
4 sheets of gelatin
200ml of passion fruit natural juice

150g. Of biscuit (used digestive classic biscuit)
70g unsalted butter

Start by melting butter and crushing the cookies in any way you like, by hand, on the machine, etc.
Mix the melted butter and biscuits and line the base and press down to make a layer on the bottom of tin.
In a mixer beat the cream cheese, sugar and the cream but reserve about 100ml.
In a bowl put the slices of gelatin in ice water and put 100ml of cream warming and when boiling add the gelatin leaves and dissolve in the hot cream.
Add to everything in the mixer and continue to beat. Finally add the natural passion fruit juice and turn off the machine.
Lay on top prepared in the tin and bring to the cold for 4 hours.

To remove the cheesecake, get a knife (pour hot water on the knife) and turn it around the ring to remove cheesecake.

Decorate your taste.


I hope you like it, do not forget caring and sharing !!!

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