Prosciutto and watercress Bruchetta


Hello everyone we are here to challenge this month which was bruchettas the group Day One … In The Kitchen,

The word “bruschetta” has its origins in central Italy, and is a slice of toasted bread.
Toasting the bread on the grill gives you a special fragrance, but with an oven or a chicken you can get the same good result.
It is believed that the food this poor man was born as a snack for the workers in the fields. It was prepared with homemade products, sometimes moldy, and seasoned with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and tomato.
These are the basic ingredients of bruschetta. However, today, the ways of preparing it and variations in circulation are truly endless.
For proper preparation of bruschetta is necessary slightly the surface of the bread grid, taking care that remains soft inside. Tuscan bread with its large loaf and square often lends itself particularly well because it can be easily sliced.
These should be fairly thick, surrounded by a very hard crust, but crisp, with a soft crumb, white, and small and regular cavities (adequate to absorb the oil). These one Grilled time, although well seasoned with olive oil, will be tough and easily managed. It sa bread that stays good for a long time and so it is ideal to be used to prepare this dish, even if it is not freshly baked. If you consider that, in the past, especially in very poor rural areas of Italy, often, one had little more than that, it is understandable as bruschetta became often a full dinner and not just a snack or appetizer.


1 cibata
Black olives
White sesame seeds
Crutons (these are homemade)
Pesto (and also homemade)

To start toasting the bread on both sides, then remove and cool and brush with olive oil and oregano. Book, pick up the black olives and the robot with spoon of olive oil, until a paste spread the slices of bread
Wash watercress.
Catch in properly seasoned ja bread slices and cover with olive paste, make then a watercress bed covering gently with a thin slice of ham.
Sprinkle with sesame seeds and use pesto to taste.
Also used for the decoration crutons who then put income in another post.
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