Avocado salad with grilled turkey strips


For good start this week i bring to my blog a simple recipe , healthy and delicious .

Everyone needs good detox after weekend lol you know eating good roasted dinner with good wine , but this will make another post , another recipe . I hope you like it , same way my family did =)


2 limes
1 carrot
1 avocado
1 red onion
2 fresh turkey steaks (180g)
75g radishes
100g black olives
100g of peanuts
50g nuts from Brazil

Start to bring pan and heat , very well . When is hot drop pinch of salt and all nuts let them toast , get that smell in your kitchen . Wash all veg. very important before do anything , ready to use.

Slice carrots with help of piller , slice onion , radishes the way you like it .

When nuts ready , remove them to wood board and with nice , slice them all big pieces , small pieces to give salad crunchy bite .

keep pan of fire and put 2 turkey steaks to grill , pinch salt, pinch pepper and lime juice from one side , keep other half for dressing.

Turkey steaks are ready good , remove and lets gonna plate salad =)

Big bowl add all veg. , half lime left juice all over salad , 2 spoons olice oil and pinch salt and move all veg. .

Transfer for presentation plate and decor with slice turkey steak with nuts and black olives .

Enjoy and thank you for visit .