yogurt Banana (homemade)


Hello, today i bring to blog recipe easy to do and kids gonna love it ….Saving some money too. I love from my childhood Banana and i love cakes, breads anything include flavor of banana , candy too lol =) I hope you like dont forget for this recipe you need Yogurt maker and for 7 Yogurts take 10hours , nothing like homemade you know what you are eating.


One liter of semi-skimmed milk
Three tsp of powdered milk soup
Three tsp of sugar (stevia)
A natural yoghurt
Two bananas
Two tsp of water
A tsp of brown sugar

In a saucepan put milk, milk powder and sugar and stir.
Bring to medium heat until boiling and cool.
When warm add the yogurt and mix.
Cut the bananas into slices and bring to heat with water and brown sugar.
Grinding, leaving larger pieces.
Distribute the banana in glass cups and cover with milk.
Take glass cups into the yoghurt maker for about ten hours.

Transfer to refrigerator for at least four hours. (ready to eat)

I hope you like it, do not forget caring and sharing !!!

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