Motoloff ( Diary free)


Hello, i bring to blog an easy , simple desert and delicious and diary free. Well in my country a lot of people struggle to do this desert because real secret never being pass on to everyone. Here is the recipe and i hope you like it.


8 egg whites
8( 40gr) tablespoons of sugar (I used stevia)
2 (10gr) tablespoons of sugar
2 ( 30gr) spoons of butter
30gr of dried fruit has choice (I used nuts, almonds and hazelnuts broken in the robot)

For the cream:

8 Yolks
8 ( 40gr) tablespoons of sugar (I used stevia)
8 (40 ml) tablespoons milk (I used almond milk)


Get tin with a hole in middle 20 cm and spread the butter and put the sugar on top butter to stick.
Beat the 8 egg whites and add the sugar spoons one by one ( on machine high speed). Place the egg whites into the tin and bake. The oven must be preheated at 180 ° for 10 min. approx.
Cook about 10 min +/- (in my oven it had to be a little longer, but it’s a matter of checking if they are growing). When ready do not remove from the oven. Allow to cool for about 30 minutes and remove.

For the cream:
Mix the egg yolks and sugar well and then add the milk. Heat the egg yolk until the mixture thickens to your taste. And sprinkle all the nuts .


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