Bulgur/Quinoa mix Soup


Hello everyone, I entered another challenge in the group on facebook Cantinho dasCozinheiras and the Blog out on challenge  was the Paula Susana called As Receitas da Selene.
I had done two recipes from the blog
one the chicken burgers she has on the blog, have been tested and approved, delicious and good,healthy but as I walked to test bulgur andi had a bag of organic mixed quinoa I bought  so i decided to use the base of the soup she has her blog results, and also healthy and tasty.She use a machine, I made traditional method even in the stove and it worked fine.

1 onion
2 cloves garlic
1 carrot
200g pumpkin
200gr of white cabbage
900ml water
2colheres oil
1 tsp salt
4 tablespoons bulgur organic
2 tablespoons mix quinoa (red, black, normal)
200g white cabbage
50g red beans (used already cooked)

Wash all vegetables and then take in a saucepan, bring the water,
onion cut in 4, the garlic cloves,200g cabbage and pumpkin cut into pieces ,carrots cut into slices.
Pour olive oil and salt, for the pan on the stove and cook for 35 minutes.
When time is up, remove carrot and use had blender and grind everything in this pot.
Take the other 200g of cabbage and cut very thin like for salad and add into the pan, beans, carrots and finally bulgur and quinoa simmer for another 10 minutes.
Then turn off, put lid on the pan and leave for an hour.
After this ready to eat.


I hope you like it, do not forget caring and sharing !!!

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