World Pasta Day


Today is Sunday , ‪#Worldpastaday . Food historians believe that lasagna is one of the world’s oldest pastas, and was likely eaten by ancient Greeks and Romans. These long, flat noodles would have been easy to roll out and dry in the sun or bake in rudimentary ovens, and cheese was a mainstay in lasagna recipes even in these early days. So i bring recipe every house cook in my country Portugal , easy, simple and comforting food for October .

Ingredients :

1 skinless chicken (broken into small pieces)
500g beef
500g of cooked white beans (fava beans used)
2 mass cup fusilli
1 onion, chopped
2 ripe tomatoes
2 Carrots
1 cup white Wine
Water 4.5 dl
1 small cabbage (white)
olive oil
40g smoked bacon
2 cloves garlic
bay leaf,parsley

Mince the onion and garlic coarsely and cut the carrots to thick slices. Sauté it with olive oil, tomatoes and bay leaf.
Cut the meat to small cubes and season with salt, when the stew is browned, add the meat, wine and 2.5 dl water.
Simmer for 30 minutes then cut the cabbage into strips and add to the meat.
Also add chicken, bell pepper pasta and smoked bacon, for another 20 minutes, do not forget to always check the water.
Add the dough and adding the remaining 2 dl water (preferably hot). True salt, chili pepper and cook, uncovered, 10 minutes more.
3 minutes before the end of the cooking the beans join and leave for 5 minutes.